With Robmov you will fully enter in Industry 4.0!

Robmov is the new brand of autonomous smart vehicles (ASV) of the EAR-FLAP® group.
A new line of collaborative robots that facilitate the movement of goods without driver.

Integration and interaction are the keys: its technology allows a perfect adaptation to the environment and a human-robot
collaboration (HRC) permanent thanks to a very friendly use and safe system.
Its benefits are clear: greater flexibility, better efficiency and less cost.

The logistic solution that
suits to your company

We are aware that organizations are experiencing a digital transformation. The connected Industry 4.0 requires industrial robots that collaborate with people and with other machines to facilitate effective decision-making. To be competitive, companies need more and more automated and tailor-made systems and as they allow them to improve the efficiency of their logistics processes, because... Industry 4.0 is here to stay!

Complete integration with the environment

Robmov vehicles have everything they need to operate, thanks to their scanners and sensors they recognize the environment and interact with it.

Artificial intelligence

The algorithms of their navigation software allow them to detect any unexpected obstacle, they can even circumvent it. And not only that!, they can learn which are the fastest routes and optimize their travel.

Collaborative robotics

Like any other vehicle, the Robmovs emit acoustic and visual signals to indicate turns and brakes. Collaborate at all times with people who are in the environment.

Easy relocation

Robmovs can be reassigned to other tasks in a matter of minutes. They can be used as shared resources between different departments, or to deal with a surplus of activity in a given sector.


Add more vehicles to the same area is very simple. The robots recognize each other as moving obstacles.


The vehicles are very easy to configure. Anyone can do it with a simple Smartphone or Tablet. The Robmov map the area where they will work, it is enough to indicate which route they should follow.

Take advantage of the automated logistics

We put the innovation within your reach:
Robmov technology will improve your efficiency; in addition... you will reduce costs!

Flexibility +

The Robmovs adapt to you. If you decide to expand your work center, if you move it, if you relocate your machines, or need to place the vehicles in a new area ... there is no problem! You can continue using your Robmov, simply putting them in the new place you choose.

Tranquility +

The Robmov transport the loads on themselves, integrating them to their perimeter. Thanks to their artificial intelligence software and their sensors, they work collaboratively: they interact with the environment and make decisions in unexpected situations. The tranquility of using a reliable and collaborative system.

Increase in efficiency +

With the Robmov you will automate the logistics of your company. Its fleet control and the connection with other machines will allow you to have a traceability of the logistic actions that are carried out in your organization. The guarantee of more efficient decision-making!

Cost reduction and fast payback of the investment +

Robotic logistics means savings in infrastructure, because there are equipment that you will no longer need. The investment made has a quick payback!

The 10 technical advantages of Robmov

360º rotation capacity

Mapping software

Lithium ion batteries (LiFe) that guarantee a fast charge and without memory.

Navigation sensors that work in collaborative mode, providing a safe travel.

Lasers that scan the environment and allow surrounding obstacles.

System that guarantees an optimal distribution of weight, traction and braking on the surface.

Fleet control and permanent monitoring.

Control and navigation software that allows collaboration with several machines.

Dynamic protection of danger parts.

Management through a multiplatform environment.

Know all about our Robmov!
Smart / Friendly use / Collaborative

Robmov technology will improve your efficiency.

2,4GHz &
5GHz Wifi
Peso máximo carga
Precisión +/- 20mm
1.406mm x 1.800mm
Cámaras 3D
frontal y trasera
Escáneres frontal
y trasero
Batería LiFe:
Tiempo de servicio hasta 8h
Tiempo de carga 1h (70%)
Velocidad máxima 2.0m/s
en modo colaborativo
Radio de giro
Luces led 360º

Why Robmov and no other
automatic guided vehicle (AGV)?

ASV (Autonomous Smart Vehicles) vs AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)

Artificial intelligence

ASV. They recognize the environment and are able to react to unexpected situations.

AGV. They are programmed to perform tasks controlled by computer, they are guided vehicles.


ASV. They move intelligently, recognizing the space and adapting to it.

AGV. They follow predefined roads and require the installation of an infrastructure (magnetic tapes, beacons, reflectors ...) to move around the environment.


ASV. Adding new Robmov is very simple, the robots identify each other as moving obstacles.

AGV. To add more AGV it is necessary to carry out a study for its incorporation, the new AGV must adapt to the requirements of the infrastructures already present.

Easy relocation

ASV. They change places in just a few minutes. It is enough for them to recognize the new place.

AGV. Since their infrastructure is fixed, if they are moved, they must be installed from scratch.


ASV. They are configured in a very simple way, through a Smartphone or Tablet.

AGV. The installation and configuration of the AGV requires trained staff.

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